The Giant Digestive System Workshop

The Giant Digestive System is an 3x3 metre inflatable play space. 

Children will be able to experience the space; explore the unusual textile panels and discover the hidden interactive elements inside. 
Through instruction from the special playologist’s they will be inspired by the science behind how our Digestive System actually functions.

This workshop covers foundation level from keys stage 1 to 2.
We will adjust the time and activities depends on the size of the groups.
For example, children in a group of 30 will get put into 5 groups, each group will have 10 minutes play time in the inflatable. We will be facilitating interactive workshops alongside with the rest of the group.

This is a unique, engaging way to encourage younger children to get interested in things that would often be too complicated. If these initial sessions are a success Play-o-logy hopes to make new play areas inspired by other amazing scientific subjects such as Photosynthesis, The Heart, and Volcanoes. 

This is a great opportunity to give the children a chance to experience something a bit different. During our initial testing period we have found that the space has enhanced curiosity about the inner workings of the bodies and is a great way for children to actively lead their own play.

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