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Keita Takahashi

What is your practice?

I think that this world has too much stress. It
needs more smiles, laughs and imagination.
So I create some.

What is your definition of what Play is?

It’s play if you say its play”.

How would you relate play and creativity?

I can’t explain well, but I guess play and creativity are connected by imagination. Do you consider yourself as a playful artist?

What do you do in your practice that you feel is most relevant to play?

No, I guess I’m not an artist. I’m just a man who likes something new.

Could you specifically outline one piece of your most ‘playful’ work and explain whatyou expect from the audience/ viewers in terms of reactions and experiences?

1998 Chabudain (Japanese low table) This is a low table which can transform into robot. However it can’t be transformed by just one person., it needs two people. So this low table is a communication tool if you invite new friends to your room. I like the element of uselessness or inefficiency in it.